Welcome To My Blog!

I decided to take up Nutrition & Dietetics because I have always had a fire in my soul to help others. My purpose in life is to help people like you learn from the hardships that I myself have faced.

What you see now is a strong and confident girl, but what you will soon find out is I was not always the picture of fitness and physical (or mental) health. There is so much more to my story than food and weights.

Point blank – I have some serious baggage. Baggage that I was quite frankly ashamed of for many years. As I have grown up, I have realized the power of human connection. In my practice, I will embody empathy and most importantly, trust. You cannot trust me if I am not transparent. So, I vow to be an open book!

So, Who is Hannah Marie?

Well, she’s a lot of things: Passionate, stubborn, creative. A classic type-A personality and typical Taurus (if you’re into zodiac signs). I set my mind and heart on a goal, and I will not allow anyone or anything to keep me from achieving it. This personality trait is both a blessing and a curse; I push myself beyond my limits in every aspect of my life. While this gives me an edge in academia and the gym, it also creates anxieties. I tend to beat myself up over every little task, and in the past this sometimes led to depressive symptoms and at times, mental (and physical) exhaustion.

My life has not been picture perfect. I have struggled – psychologically and physiologically. I have suffered from anorexia nervosa, orthorexia, exercise compulsion, depression, body dysmorphia, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), debilitating anxiety, intrusive thoughts, irritable bowel syndrome, fecal impaction, interstitial cystitis, urinary retention, and pelvic floor dysfunction – to name a few. Yikes!

I have been tested spiritually and have struggled with relationships due to my disorders. I will elaborate on these things as I write blog posts, because these sufferings have made me the woman I am today and shaped my purpose and philosophy.

Everything happens for a reason. I truly, wholeheartedly believe that. Each hardship I have gone through attests to the statement “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” I am stronger now than I have ever been, and had it not been for these life-altering trials and tribulations, I would not be me.

Me. Someone I once hated, tormented, starved, belittled. Someone whose body has given out time and time again, denying me of basic biological functions and the ability to participate in “normal” society. Intrusive thoughts have flooded my brain, consumed my mind. I have been in dark, dark places. But you know what? I eventually found the light.

This blog is a platform of self-expression and honesty. I have decided to stop letting shame dictate my life. I have a purpose. I have a voice. And I intend to use that voice to speak up, speak out, and be unapologetically me. I believe it is critical for you to understand my why.

This blog will embody nutrition and fitness, yes. But it will also encompass much, much more. Health. That is what I am most passionate about. Physical health, mental health, emotional health. I hope that my life experiences, both positive and negative, will impact you in some way.

Welcome to my journey 🙂

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