My Best Advice for Staying Healthy this Summer

It’s finally time to flaunt that summer bod you worked hard for all year long! Here’s my best advice to maintain your progress while still enjoying that beach day or family barbecue.

(After you’ve applied sunscreen of course). The sun’s natural rays promote happiness & healthiness! 

The winter months tend to leave our vitamin D stores depleted, which can contribute to feelings of sadness, fatigue, even bone & joint pain. 

It’s nearly impossible to meet our vitamin D needs through diet alone (there’s a reason why many dairy products & cereals are fortified w/ Vitamin D). Luckily we are able to naturally synthesize vitamin D from the sun’s ultraviolet light, the best source of vitamin D there is!

I always pack nutritious snacks!

I’m sure many of you can recall a time you’ve been out for an adventure when your stomach suddenly growled. The food options may not have been the greatest; maybe you opted for a greasy burger & fries that left you feeling bloated – ugh! 

Never leave the house unprepared! Try Level-1 bars from 1st Phorm for a deliciously portable meal that meets your macros & satisfies cravings without blowing your diet. 

At the shore for the day? Take a walk  on the boardwalk, collect seashells at the beach, or go for a surf! ALL forms of movement burn calories, keeping you in tip-top shape! 

Protein keeps you fuller longer & boosts your metabolism thanks to a biological process known as the Thermic Effect of Food. Basically, it takes your body more energy to break down & absorb protein. Eating a high protein diet increases the calories you burn without even trying! 

Skipping meals to “save” calories for a family barbecue may seem like a good idea, but this can backfire & lead to binging. Eating at regular intervals keeps hunger-signaling hormone, ghrelin, in check. 

Don’t let hunger get the best of you! Start the day off strong w/ a satisfying breakfast such as a bowl of oats w/ Level-1 & some fresh berries.

We deserve a treat & a day off from time to time. It’s perfectly okay to have that Mr. Softee or opt for a beach day instead of a training session. Just make sure you get back on track the next day. It’s what you do 90% of the time that determines your success!

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