In addition to my contributions to the projects and initiatives below, I have presented to Rowan University’s NCAA Division III swim team on the topics of Sports Nutrition and Nutrient Timing for competition. I also presented on nutrition for the athlete to the South Jersey Mystics youth softball team.

As a Dietetic Intern, I have completed foodservice and community rotations. I have created educational and interactive demonstrations for students on campus as well as presented state-authorized nutrition education to WIC recipients. My work has been featured on Rowan University’s website for the Coordinated Program of Dietetics.

Balance Magazine
Why Diets Don’t Work – Page 5

An annual publication at Rowan University; I contributed the article “Sustainable Healthy Eating: Why Diets Don’t Work.” I was also given the privilege to name this issue!

Women In S.T.E.M. AcADemy
Distinguished alum

As a student, I was a founding member of the Chemistry Outreach Program at Rowan College at Gloucester County. As part of the initiative, we traveled to local elementary schools to teach principles of science through interactive experiments.

Student Hunger On Campus
Food Insecurity Research

I was granted the opportunity to participate in the preliminary stages of an on-campus research study. Our study examined food insecurity among students, and its effect on lifestyle and academic performance. I designed the research poster and presented it at the SURP Symposium.

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