Where Education Meets Entertainment!

In this new series, I’ll be using humorous (yet educational) banter to break down concepts of nutritional science in 90 seconds or less!

If you have an idea for a topic you’d like to see me cover, don’t be shy – reach out! New episodes will be posted every month!

Ep. 1: Where Do Calories on Food Labels Come From?

Ever wonder how they come up with the number of calories per serving on a nutrition label? In this episode, I explain the components of the total calorie count and address a discrepancy you may not have realized!

More Episodes Coming Soon!

Ep. 2: What Makes Trans Fats Deadly?

On this week’s episode, I break down trans fats: what they are, why they are bad, and how you can protect your heart from these dangerous fats!

Note: I have omitted oxygen in the drawn organic structures to keep things simple! 

To clarify, fats are made up of carbon & hydrogen, as well as OXYGEN (O2) atoms. However, the double bonds (or lack thereof) that classify a fatty acid as “saturated” or “unsaturated” are between HYDROGEN & CARBON. (Each point in the structure represents a carbon atom). Because oxygen would complicate the structure & this is meant to be a very BASIC explanation for those without an organic chemistry background, I have chosen to omit oxygen in my skeletal structures, showing only the relevant segment. Just be aware that in a FULL fatty acid, oxygen atoms are attached, one via another double bond (but this double bond to oxygen does NOT effect whether it is saturated or unsaturated). Told you it’s complicated! Haha.

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