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Every Wednesday, I’ll be sharing a professional paper I’ve written as a graduate student of Dietetics! I’ll be covering a wide variety of nutrition-related topics, from general nutrition guidelines to illness-specific medical nutrition therapy.

Obesity Risk Based on Genotype: Research Summary

Nutritional genomics is an emergent field of scientific study that investigates how genetics may impact one’s risk of chronic disease. One gene in particular, known as the FTO gene, has been evidenced to play a role in the development of obesity. 

In this Professional Work, I’ve summarized a research study that investigated how presence of the FTO gene affects eating behaviors in young children. As individuals age, eating patterns can be influenced by emotions and societal pressures; by studying children, the researchers were able to draw conclusions based on authentic, unbiased results.

Study Proposal: Supplemental Vitamin D & Physical Performance Amongst Elderly

For this paper, I had to choose a Nutrition Epidemiology topic and propose a design for a new study that would increase knowledge on the topic presented. For my research topic, I selected age-related Sarcopenia and the potential benefits of supplemental Vitamin D in improving musculoskeletal function among an elderly population. A literature search was conducted in order to address the weaknesses of previous studies and draft a proposal that would take such limitations into consideration.

man running in road race

Nutritional Considerations for Endurance Athletes

This paper addresses the dietary needs of endurance athletes. Marathon and ultramarathon runners are discussed in detail, as their rigorous training warrants special nutrient considerations. Though all individuals’ diets should parallel general Acceptable Macronutrient Distribution Range recommendations, aerobic athletes may experience performance benefits by deviating from these guidelines within reason.

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